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At Film Division, sound is important to us. What we hear goes into our hearts, sound mastering stimulates our senses and sparks our imagination. It strengthens the way an audience perceives the visuals.

The quality of audio can make or break a video, and we have found it has become more of an afterthought with your average video producer. That’s why we strive to change that in the services we provide you. We have experience in a wide range of audio skills and methods such as dialogue replacement & animation sound design for film, TV and web video standards.

Sound design is not only about hearing what you see on screen. Our audio is larger than life and a break from the norm. Combining this with fantastic music composition will amplify the overall emotional state of your audience. The result is a rewarding and engaging video experience. The art of sound design is demanding and must help interpret your vision and message to your audience; often without them realising it.

Sound mixing done properly will subtly blend the right effects and atmospheres to create the perfect audience response to your video.


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