Film Division has no limits with the tools that we use.

When working with Film Division, you are guaranteed that the best people are on the job. We know how to produce quality imagery and in the same way focus on your story. High resolution video will help you to spread your message.

To begin with, High resolution video, or 4K video content is no longer out of reach. Also, the price of 4K television screens is dropping and the resolution of all other mobile and desktop devices are increasing as well. Hence the future dictates our standard and we make sure that the cinematic content that we create for our clients is future proof as well. Whether you’re producing an in-house training video or an animation, TV commercial or an online advertisement, we can deliver the best possible combination of content to the platform you’re targeting.

Whether you require a simple face-to-camera piece or a multi-location, multi-camera production, we can accomplish and exceed all of your filming requirements. All of our team members are multi-skilled in all production areas and we have the experience to match it.


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