Cinema truly is our passion. Our goal is to emotionally connect with audiences with fantastic videos that feel incredible.




Here at Film Division, we create cinematic trailers for your business. We all know how effective film trailers generate buzz around new releases at the cinema. In other words, they capture the attention of audiences and leave them wanting more. These trailers are actively released and shared on all different social media platforms. In fact, it is even possible to predict the success of a movie with an analysis of the audience response. Be that as it may, cinematic video marketing is no longer the domain of the pre-film cinema experience.

To create that cinematic look, we use Hollywood standard cameras, lenses and lighting. But it’s not just about the equipment, we are filmmakers. We use the same techniques that Hollywood directors and cinematographers use to put your business on the big screen.



A trailer teases, excites and generates a buzz. With this in mind, we use this very same approach help businesses tease, excite and engage their audience. Ultimately leaving them invested in your service. Therefore, we also know that emotion trumps logic in the defining moment of the mental decision making process.

A cinematic trailer stands out amongst the sea of typical corporate video. You need something different to promote your company above the rest. In fact, customers will only watch a corporate video if they have to. In contrast, a beautifully shot, emotional and excellent sounding piece of cinematic video marketing will keep them watching. Triggering emotions is the key in a decision making process and a cinematic trailer does just that!

In summary, if you’re looking to promote your business and tease, excite and engage your prospective clients, why not get in touch with our cinematic video production specialists

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