You know the video you want, but is it the video you need?

Creating video is a time consuming process. It involves concept developers, scriptwriters, camera operators, lighting specialists and editors to name a few. With this in mind, it can make it a costly effort. If you are considering this investment, you’ve got to make sure that your concept indeed resonates with your audience.

This is where our approach to concept development comes in. As a part of the pre-production phase, before even thinking about filming, we’re thinking about your audience. Who are they, what are they looking for, how does your product or service resonate with them? The answer to these and more questions lay the foundation for the concept and key message of the video. We use user research methodologies with a strong foundation in scientific studies. This approach helps us to develop cinematic content that fits your audience. This is why concept development and pre-production is so important. We make your film before we even pick up a camera.

A clearly thought out concept can be the difference between failure and success. You can have the best equipment, talent and locations in the world. But if you’re working to a shallow and badly thought out concept, it can mean a video that doesn’t connect with anyone, or triggers the wrong emotions in an audience, and that is a lot of money wasted.  But if you invest time and effort on an idea that triggers a smile, a tear or laughter, you’ve got your audience hooked and your branding in their minds.

A video shows people the very essence of a brand, so make sure your video reflects your company and gives off the right impression to your target audience.


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