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Events cost a great deal of time, effort and money to organise. So it makes sense to capture a visual keepsake of all your hard work through event filming. As a result, all of that impact and effort will continue working for you after the event has finished. A highlights video creates valuable video assets that can publicise your brand. It gives a visual identity to your business and captures the dynamism and energy of the occasion.

We work with you before the event to properly understand what we are working with, who we’ll be speaking to and what you hope to achieve from the video. On the day, we utilise our range of equipment and expertise to work around the event whilst ensuring that no expense is spared in terms of quality. We then produce the finished event video with finishing touches like a compelling soundtrack, captions and graphics.

We are professional and discreet in getting exceptional footage that will capture every aspect of the event, from the atmosphere and buzz to the key messages and learning points. From affordable single camera setups to large scale multi-camera coverage. Our focus is on providing a high quality memory of the day that captures your event’s key moments, maximises the filming potential, and delivers promptly.

Would you like to take it one step further? We can re-edit the footage to create an amazing announcement video for future events. With the ever increasing demands of social media, audiences want your content and they want it now. As our camera crews capture the event, our editing team can be hard at work delivering a highlights video for social media as the event is happening. This will serve the audiences who can’t make it to the event but still want a summary of the day.

With this in mind, be smart and plan ahead. Develop a strategy and create a highlight video to capture the magic.


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