The first impression of your business, the ultimate deciding factor.





Your website is your shop and a home page video is the branding on the shop. Equally important as the shop window that inspires your customers curiosity.

You want your audience to take the time browse around and appreciate what you offer on your website. As a matter of fact, the longer your audience stays on your page (in your shop), the more time you have to convince them that your service or product is unmissable in their lives. Video stretches the attention span of your audience. It keeps them on your page and increases conversion rates.

Today, there is information everywhere. As a result, we are constantly looking for content that interests us. If not found, we get bored and switch to the next piece in the cue. The best way to keep your audience on your page is to provide them with engaging video content. There is an old saying the pen is mightier than the sword and that a picture contains a thousand words. In comparison, just imaging what 25 pictures per second can convey. A modern website needs video to clearly introduce a potential customer to your brand and services. One minute video is easier to digest than three or four paragraphs of text.

You need to attract the attention of your audience in the first three seconds, and that’s what we do with our home page videos. A short, engaging and stylised home page video that complements the design of the site increases the likelihood of visitors staying to find out more and as a result lead to an increase in sales.

So if you’re having your website redesigned or want to modernise your current site, a proper homepage video can do just the trick.




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