Adding those finishing touches.

Live action video is a fantastic way to show off your brand , especially when we film it. But sometimes you need to add sauce to your meal to give it that extra bit of flavour. That’s where visual effects come in, it’s the icing on the cake. The possibilities are endless with visual effects and we thrive on bringing imagery to life.

From chroma keying, matte painting, set extensions and compositing to explosions, muzzle flashes and glitches. You want it, we have the ability to deliver.

What are visual effects?

Not to be confused with practical effects which are created live, visual effects (VFX) is the manipulation of video images after the main footage has been captured. Visual effects are used to enhance the tone, immerse audiences into the story and as an inexpensive way of achieving big budget scenes or shots.

Green Screen

From simple commercial backdrops to sci-fi worlds, shooting on green screen gives us more control and enables us to transform the imagery in a truly creative way. This is ideal when shooting in a small studio or on a limited set.

2D/3D Compositing

We composite 2D and 3D elements into live action shots by building up layers, scene blending and colour correction. These added elements become apart of the scene as though they had always been there. Combining this with chroma key technology as well as rotoscoping and matte creation, and we become the builders of worlds. We can remove or replace unwanted backgrounds or items in shots, transporting all in front of the camera to the other end of the globe or the galaxy.


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